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LEEP Calendar is the premier web-based event application designed to meet the needs of journalists, marketers, content managers & professionals. LEEP allows professionals to complete a year’s worth of marketing and editorial planning in minutes by topic, market, industry, and demographic: access promoter information and additional resources. Curate the results you need. Created by an editorial and marketing expert, LEEP Calendar is for editorial and marketing professionals. LEEP, uniting the world through events.

We’re getting ready to launch the LEEP Calendar of Events beta version. It is a project I began in 2011, and it will have over 50,000 thoroughly researched, categorized, and origin verified events going back to 2016.

This newsletter is biweekly(ish), and I pull out some of the more exciting themes and events. If you are interested in history, culture, and a little politics by default or want to know what’s going on (fabulous for small talk at events), you’ll love this. Please subscribe.

I am just starting on substack this June 2022, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you and exploring this fantastic community.

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Events, anniversaries, funky days, and curiosities, I focus on the more exciting holidays, onsite events, promotions, and anniversaries coming up. Stay in the know and take your small talk game to a new level.


LD Lewis

I cover events, anniversaries, holidays, and other topics of interest. Publico el boletín de noticias LEEP Ink Happenings en inglés y español. Suscríbete a la versión en inglés para recibir ambas versiones.